About us

We believe that games are the best thing humanity invented in its history, and the creation of games is the ultimate way of self-expression or the ultimate art if you will. We make games without restricting ourselves to any limitations of genres and traditions. Our goal is to share unique experiences with people from all over the world, and we will make every possible effort to achieve it.

Riversiders the video game

Raft down the river, camp in the wild, and make friends!

It is a mix of an arcade racing game where you raft down a river, and an interactive comic book. Experience development of characters and their relationships, adventures and exploration, and the feeling of being comfortably lost in the open wild, sitting around a campfire and sharing stories with a close group of friends.

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The team

Vlad Zatoloka


Founder, Creative Director,
Game Designer, Engineer

Timur Chemazokov


Co-founder, 2D Artist, Level Designer

Rita Zatoloka


Business Director

Katya Fomina


2D Artist

Ekaterina Charikova


2D Artist

Kirill Shtorm


Narrative Designer