Riversiders, a game developed by Hoot Like an Owl! — presskit

Quick info

Raft down the river, camp in the wild, and make friends!

Hoot Like an Owl!
Founded in 2019
Located in Amsterdam area, Netherlands

Releases in 2025
with a $15 price tag
first on Steam, then everywhere else




Riversiders is set in a retro style world of animal people inspired by the late Soviet era. It tells a story of a group of friends who share a common hobby: river rafting and camping in the woods. Through a series of adventurous explorations of abandoned rural scenery our characters learn about themselves and each other, encounter many funny and awkward moments, share many stories and have much fun together.

They set out looking for some relaxation and retreat from city life, but what they find in the end is friendship and love with each other. This of course does not come easy, but rather after many days spent together fighting nature and talking around a campfire, often bringing out their diverse personalities and causing clash of characters, that hopefully (with a bit of help from the player) they can resolve via understanding and cooperation.

The game alternates between a racing-like physics-based phase where you row your boat down a river and a non-linear interactive story phase where the characters camp in the woods. It is a non-violent narrative-focused gameplay full of exploration. It features classic bright cartoonish-style 2d graphics.


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